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Centro di Bioingegneria Lisin

Via Cavalli 22/H -- 10138 TORINO (Italy)

The Centro di Bioingegneria, established in 1997, is a research unit that belongs to the Department of Electronics of Politecnico di Torino. It is divided in various laboratories: the first one that became active is Ingegneria del Sistema Neuromuscolare e della Riabilitazione Motoria (LISiN). LISiN's research is focused on the design of hardware and software for the creation of biomedical prototype equipment; the technological transfer to partner companies for the final engineering and small series production; the elaboration of signals and models for the simulation, interpretation, and extraction of information of electromiographic signals (EMG); and basic and clinical physiology. Furthermore, LISiN is currently carrying out training initiatives, aimed at transfering the research to doctors, physiotherapists, and experts in physical education and sport science.
Support to the project: From 1997 to 2015, Euro 2.95 million.


2.950.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo