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Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Via San Francesco, 126 – Padova

Doctors with  Africa CUAMM (University College Aspiring and Missionary Medics) is an organization set up in 1950 aimed at training doctors for developing countries and is part of the Fondazione di Religione “Opera San Francesco Saverio”.

The “First mothers and their children” project would like to contribute to the reduction in maternal mortality in Uganda, Angola, Tanzania and Ethiopia, especially concerning the approximately 300,000 pregnant women for whom it will improve access to assisted childbirth, while 121,000 women and their babies will get the chance to be part of the project through deliveries in health centres. The project is also supported by Fondazione Cariparo,  Fondazione Cariverona and Fondazione Cariplo.

From 2012 to 2014 the project was granted € 300,000 by the Compagnia di San Paolo.

Intervention Area: Filantropia e territorio


300.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo