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Chiesa parrocchiale di San Michele Arcangelo

Via Matteotti, Borgo d'Ale (VC)

The church of San Michele in Borgo d'Ale is the most important example of architecture by Bernardo Vittone in the Vercelli area. In 1770 the architect Bernardo Vittone was chosen to draw up the plan of the new parish that was supposed to be built over an existing building. Vittone’s proposed design has strong similarities to those by Borgomasino and Grignasco, and it is the last work that the architect designed before his death. The layout of the church was to be a hexagonal central plan, defined by architectural elements of a classical character, placed in relation to each other with a rococo syntax. The whole design is governed by a rigid symmetry of the distribution of the side rooms all located at the same distance from the center and covered with vaulted semi-bowl shaped ceilings in the shape of a shell. The interior space is shaped by the chiaroscuro of direct and indirect light sources. Externally, the notable presence of a bell tower with a triangular base is to be appreciated. It was designed by Ignazio Giulio, who continued the  work directly after Vittone’s death. The interior is decorated with a series realized by Antonio Costa in 1836 and includes fine furnishings including the high altar in inlaid polychrome marble and the wooden eighteen- century choir.

The total restoration of the property was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Fondazione Piero Bongianino Onlus and a significant contribution by the Compagnia di San Paolo of € 500,000 paid in consideration of the extraordinary historical architectural significance of the building.

Intervention Area: Ricerca e sanità


500.000 euro

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