Natural and technological sciences


The Compagnia has increased its presence in the sector of scientific and technological research, privileging those areas where the relationship between basic and applied research is closer, and where this relationship can be an advantage in supporting the local territory.

To this end, the Compagnia’s action is centred on setting up interdisciplinary and inter-institutional platforms that can contribute to the strategic development of universities and their internationalisation, creating the right conditions for cooperation between researchers and for research and corporations to work together in order to attract competitive funds at a European level.

Regarding IT and communication technologies, the Compagnia acts via the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, the instrumental body set up in partnership with the Politecnico of Turin. The ISMB intends to pursue three primary objectives: consolidate the activities of the research areas by pooling and focusing skills; continue to develop Strategic Programmes; improve and enhance stakeholder relationships, both internally and externally, with the development of innovative post-university and professional training models that enhance the technological expertise of ISMB (Higher & Professional Education), supporting dissemination of research activities and results achieved  by Departments and Programmes (Front-End, Marketing & Communications), and coordination of institutional processes (Research Support & Secretariat).

In the area of research on territorial systems, Compagnia is present through SiTI (Higher Institute on Territorial Systems for Innovation) active in the field of logistics, environmental heritage and urban regeneration, and the safety of the territory.

Recently established, the Fondazione LINKS (LINKS Foundation) was set up in partnership between Compagnia di San Paolo and Politecnico di Torino to strengthen collaboration between the world of research, start-up, enterprise and public administration , with the aim of optimising available economic resources, attract talent and facilitate innovation in the Italian and international business ecosystem.

In the field of genomics and precision medicine research, Compagnia operates through the Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine (IIGM), founded in partnership with the University and Politecnico di Torino: the Foundation's main goal is to foster and  develop, in the field of human genomics and precision medicine, excellence in research and education with particular reference to genomic variability in multifactorial diseases.