Participated research and innovation bodies


In 2019 the participated research and innovation bodies (Fondazioni LINKS, Collegio Carlo Alberto) and Fondazione IIGM (a monocratic instrumental body) will complete redesigning their missions and the processes of organisational and operational reconfiguration which will ensue therefrom. Open to collaboration, these bodies shall seek increasing autonomy in their financing. Compagnia's support is  directed to the connection between research and the phases of application and transferral

The Foundation ‘Leading Innovation & Knowledge for Society’ - LINKS (which incorporates the Boella and SiTI institutes) was created to promote, undertake and enhance research initiatives and projects in the sphere of the “polytechnic” sciences, designed to experiment on innovative (knowledge or technology driven) processes. The objectives for 2019 call for the participation of the Fondazione LINKS in the European thematic platforms as well as in projects for university or company innovation, the latter in a market-pull logic. Experimental and applied research, with particular attention to transferral, represents another target dimension, especially in regard to knock-on effects in the territory and to the speed of applications.

IIGM Foundation (a development of HuGeF) is active in the field of genome studies linked to translational, personalised and regenerative medicine, with an organisational focus on the host institution model. Its objective is strengthening its position as research institute and, at the same time, as platform for innovation which will constitute a reference for the future research activities of Turin Health Park.

IIGM's objectives in 2019 are: to focus on its reorientation towards precision medicine;  to create a regional research and innovation platform within a network of strategic collaborations among associations,  research institutes and universities in the field of research into precision medicine, observing with close interest the developments of the Human Technopole foundation; to progressively build up the research infrastructures necessary for the future Turin Health Park; to develop research projects with significant potential, both in terms of scientific excellence and impact in the production of intellectual property in the field of precision medicine; to develop and harness programmes of management, continuity and assessment of research activities.


Collegio Carlo Alberto, dedicated to research and higher education of  international standing in the disciplines of economics and the social and legal sciences, besides maintaining its Students Programme and research activities, with particular reference to its synergies with Compagnia and the University of Turin, will pursue a programme of integrated and transdisciplinary research, developing know-how, methods and assessment capabilities useful in policy-making. Another objective, facilitated today by its physical location in the centre of Turin, is an increasing openness to meeting the public through its expert staging of public debates and scientific discussion on matters on which the Collegio itself is an authority.

2019 sees the kick-off of LIFTT, whose main mission is to make the most of the research results (fundamental or applied) of the LINKS Foundation and other research centres in Piedmont and in the North-West (universities included). LIFTT intends to develop special expertise in valorising intellectual property (IP), in marketing and in relations with local companies, in legal and contractual support for research agreements, as well as consultancy in this sector.