Circular Sociality


In 2019 Compagnia intends to support paths from the ground up to develop quality of life, protecting the environment and valorising common goods.

The specific goals of this intervention plan are:

• support the effectiveness of third sector experiences on reusing assets by supporting coordination; attention to the experiences of organisation from the ground up for the social use of common goods, also in collaboration with local authorities;

• devise one or more challenges in the field of relations between technology, environment, reuse, citizen participation;

• assist with the possible emergence of any new housing projects in the neighborhood;

• develop the idea of promoting the social use of vacant shops by verifying their economic and organisational practicality.

Furthermore, with reference to "special funds for voluntary service", the Department follows the granting procedures to the FUN-ONC, the Compagnia representatives appointed  to the OTC (the ONC territorial offices) and the relationship with them, including via constant interlocution with ACRI. The Department also intends to raise awareness within Compagnia of the role of CSVs (Volunteer Service Centres), also in light of the effects of the reform of the third sector on users of the same CSVs.