From cultural institutions to projects all over the territory


One of Compagnia’s longtime goals is to strengthen the reputation of the Northwest as a place producing culture of excellence, both nationally and internationally. This will be pursued in 2018 through system strategies starting from relevant cultural institutions in the governance of which Compagnia has a stake (Participated Bodies).

In 2018 the connections between calls and projects dedicated to specific cultural poles are strengthened, starting from the metropolitan system.

Actions regarding Piedmont and Liguria take place via: thematic calls for restoration and protection of cultural goods which are important for the local history and identity; calls for projects to enhance "places of culture" (not only to promote the use of goods but to transform them into useful spaces for the community and resources for development).

In the historical centres of Turin and Genoa selected restoration sites continue to receive support .

The work related to Fondazione per la Scuola continues on the theme of education to cultural practices in order to strengthen the connection between the educational system and the cultural sector.

A good link between training, cultural heritage and society is the libraries and archives system, which Compagnia  works  on to strengthen their role as cultural presidia, involved in social and educational processes.

2018 sees the achievement of an organic, inter-sectoral project aimed at redesigning and supporting libraries and archives in their transformation process linked to setting out a digital paradigm in the sphere of culture and information.