Cultural attractors


Over a wider area, Compagnia intends to enhance dialogue with ”the great attractors”, i.e. those institutions, museums or historical complexes which constitute dynamic driving forces and important identity-creating resources for Piedmont and Liguria.

2019 sees interventions in the large-scale restoration sites of the Sacred Mounts in northern Piedmont, monuments still too little known and enjoyed. The Royal Museums of Turin will once more receive considerable attention, while the special project focused on the System of Residences of the Royal House of Savoy will enter its implementation phase. The identification of priorities in the System, in which the Consortium of the Royal Residences represents the leader, will determine the lines of development of this project promoted by Compagnia, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Piedmont Regional Government.

In keeping with the preparatory actions supported to date, Compagnia will dedicate special attention to the system of  Parks and Artistic Gardens connected to the Residences, both to highlight its broad appeal and, at the same time, to regenerate the landscape.

A second important line of action concerns strategies of systemic care for the residences: their maintenance does indeed remain a crucial factor for their enhancement. Therefore, by maintaining a strong system approach, a scheme of  preventive conservation and programmed maintenance in line with the most advanced international logics is being promoted for the circuit of residences.