Anthropised Landscape


Policies regarding territorial planning and landscaping are an integral part of the strategies for the development and protection of the territory. Compagnia has decided to commit itself to an experimentation project for the implementation of the Piedmont Region Landscape Plan, which in its first year of activity concerns the Ivrea area subzone. More generally, Compagnia deems environmental sensitivity to be a guiding principle which must be the backbone of all projects supported. Therefore, given that the increasing sensitivity both of the institutions and of people towards the value of the landscape must be translated into culturally-based and socially broad-based projects and actions, Compagnia's action will promote territorial cultural systems.

One of Compagnia's  objectives is the strategic enhancement of the artistic and cultural organisations and institutions with which it has long-standing relations and whose continuous improvement path it follows. Compagnia pursues this objective through its financial support and the definition of specific actions of capacity enhancement, in particular in defining new converging cultural strategies and new forms of organisation and management.