The aim of our asset management is to generate a constant flow of resources with which to support projects that have social, cultural and economic impact.

Calls for proposals, guidelines and
individual closing dates

Each of the 14 missions provides resources to achieve its planned objectives, in a range of ways. Particular use is made of calls for proposals to select projects that meet specific needs in a measurable manner, according to clearly defined rules and time-frames. The individual closing dates represent a maximum time limit.

Ordinary grants

Ordinary grants are awarded in response to general grant applications, which are deemed valid for certain purposes and projects, even though they do not fall into any of the highlighted categories and do not have any dedicated forms. Nonetheless, the dedicated online application platform can be used to apply for ordinary grants.





Financial management and planning

Asset management is aimed at generating a planned and sustainable flow of resources for the geographical coverage area, through strategic allocation of resources, risk management and constant monitoring. The Finance Department and Impact Innovation Department – under the guidance of the CFO – also manage complex instruments for resource acquisition, such as Mission Related Investments and social impact investments.

Planning, Research and Evaluation Department

FCSP’s alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) enables it to adopt internationally shared and consolidated evaluation metrics. Hence our commitment to constant learning and improvement, which requires a data use culture and work method designed to ensure that the impact of all actions is measurable.

Data Strategy 2023-2030

Alignment with the 2030 Agenda translates into the drafting of a strategy that uses the data on the impact achieved to plan the future one. The document in fact analyses projects launched since 2017 to outline 19 technical, managerial, strategic and relational challenges that the Foundation is committed to addressing by 2030.


We carry out our work in constant communication with the Institutions and our Auxiliary BodiesFondazione per la ScuolaFondazione Ufficio PioFondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la CulturaCollegio Carlo Alberto, Fondazione Links and Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine.