FCSP’s concerted action to tackle the social, educational and health emergencies triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

FCSP has taken immediate action to tackle the social, educational and health emergencies triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, with emergency measures and medium-term interventions that enable us all to start preparing for the future right now.

The health emergency is the most visible face of the crisis, but it is not the only one causing concern. There is a clear risk that the most vulnerable members of society may have less access to the services normally available to them, and could therefore experience severe difficulties in the face of such drastic social, economic and educational disruption.

Public Health

5 million euros to help the Piedmont regional council provide additional intensive care and high-dependency care beds; 3 million euros to cover the cost of setting up a temporary healthcare area at the OGR centre (within the framework of the multi-year agreement with Piedmont regional council), including 1.1 million euros to set up the Covid Hospital within the C. Sperino Ophthalmic Hospital complex in Turin; 300,000 euros for Medicina a Misura di Donna, a non-profit foundation, for the purchase of masks and other personal protective equipment for Sant’Anna Hospital in Turin; up to 880,000 euros for the purchase of personal protective equipment and for the structural adaptation of the Regina Margherita paediatric oncology outpatient units.

Essential goods

240,000 euros for emergency initiatives involving the supply of essential goods to vulnerable people.

“Together, everything will be fine” call for proposals

2 million euros to support 123 projects selected on the basis of their effectiveness in promoting neighbourly support action for vulnerable people, minors and families in difficulty in Piedmont and Liguria.


100,00 euros for an emergency intervention aimed at providing food and washroom and hygiene supplies for the benefit of the prison population in Piedmont and Liguria and in the Turin juvenile offenders institute (in collaboration with Ufficio Pio).

“We’ll meet again” call for proposals

1.5 million euros to support the territory’s cultural, civic and assembly spaces hit by social distancing measures.


400,000 euros to support remote learning, in collaboration with Piedmont regional council, Xké? ZeroTredici, Fondazione per la Scuola, LINKS, Collegio Carlo Alberto and Ufficio Pio; and 100,000 euros to EDISU Piemonte (a regional body promoting the right to university study) and the Higher Technical Institute for Information and Communication Technology.

Community Foundations

150,000 euros as an expression of practical support and solidarity for communities, by assisting fund-raising campaigns and therefore boosting the most effective fund-raising activities put in place by Community Foundations.

FCSP has also:

  • made 10,500,000 euros available with immediate effect, by way of urgent support for the territory’s social and cultural system
  • approved the allocation of 1,300,000 euros for administrative interventions, particularly for Neighbourhood Houses in Turin and Genoa and to review the 2019 Seed call for proposals, which is one of the lines of intervention aimed at establishing policies for promoting and supporting the social enterprise ecosystem. The aim of the review is to support the resilience and recovery of social enterprises, support the continuity of organisational operation and facilitate possible transformations in response to the rapidly changing context. The main changes relate to speeding up the selection process, increasing the total amount of funding and increasing the number of social enterprises that can be supported.

Systemic initiatives:

  • TO CHINA: opened direct channels with China aimed at launching the China Italy Philanthropy Forum (CIPF) to help meet the need for health equipment;
  • approved the allocation of an additional 1,000,000 euro voluntary contribution to boost the National Fund for Common Initiatives, for the revolving guarantee fund to support the financial requirements of third-sector organisations during the coronavirus emergency.

This intervention contributes to achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals