Rosanna Ventrella Grimaldi has been Chair of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (FCSP) since 22 February 2024 and will remain in office until the approval of the 2023 Financial Statements. The Chair is appointed by the General Council and is the legal representative of FCSP, chairing meetings, setting the agenda and directing the work of the General Council and Management Board, taking any urgent measures in the interests of FCSP and reporting on them to the Management Board.

Rosanna Ventrella Grimaldi

Rosanna Ventrella Grimaldi

Vice Chair of the Management Board

Rosanna Ventrella Grimaldi

Rosanna Ventrella Grimaldi was born in Canada in 1969 and subsequently moved to Italy, where she obtained an experimental degree in Economics and Business, presenting a thesis on an operational marketing project at Eastern Europe S.p.a. in Bari.

After graduating, she continued her professional training, deepening her knowledge of marketing and communication. After moving to Piedmont, she qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2007, enrolling with the professional register of accountants of Turin.

Through multiple work experiences gained in various Italian companies, Ventrella Grimaldi continued to develop her skills in web marketing, business development and in the field of IT consultancy, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence processes and their implications for Corporate Strategy.

In 2008, Rosanna Ventrella Grimaldi began a new career as an entrepreneur and freelancer, becoming Sole Director of SYS-TEK Benefit Society, while providing assistance, support and monitoring for the creation of the Dragonette charitable organisation, which operates in the sports sector and has a particularly significant social impact.

A member of AIDDA – Piedmont Branch – since 2014, between 2017 and 2021 Ventrella Grimaldi held the position of Regional Chair and National Vice-Chair of CNA Impresa Donna.

An ardent volunteer, over the years she has contributed to setting up various projects with a strong social impact, also contributing to the cause through her artistic vocation. She still volunteers in the Piedmont area for digital solidarity, providing support and training for teachers, professionals and associations struggling with the use of IT tools.

In 2020, Rosanna Ventrella Grimaldi became Vice-Chair of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and was then elected pro tempore Chair of the Turin philanthropic body on 22 February 2024 with the unanimous vote of the General Council.