Quaderni della Compagnia (FCSP notebooks)

The Quaderni della Compagnia (FCSP notebooks) series is a collection of publications comprising the most significant working documents connected with key projects promoted by FCSP. The series comprises five volumes published as part of programmes and initiatives relating to the subject areas into which our Constitution divides our institutional activity, such as research and education, art, cultural heritage and activities, public health and social policy.

Commissioned by FCSP, this research paper was produced by the University of Turin’s “G. Prato” Department of Economic and Financial Science, as part of the cancer research, prevention and treatment programme (Oncology Programme), launched in 2000.

This volume contains the proceedings of the seminar on Prejudice and racism among young people, held on 1 December 1998 as part of the intervention programme of the same name launched by FCSP for the benefit of stakeholders in the education system. It addresses the problems and opportunities facing young people in a multicultural society, with a view to equipping teachers and other people working in education with the right tools to deal with the complexity of the issue.

This volume sets out the results of a research initiative, funded by FCSP, on the spread of occupational therapy in Italy as a tool for social and physical rehabilitation.

The research project was undertaken by the Centro A.M. Maderna (old age research, training and documentation centre in Verbania Pallanza – www.centromaderna.it) under the direction and coordination of Domenico Dosa and with the collaboration of Anna Bergadano, Renza Chadduck, Julie Cunningham, Elena Fabbruzzi, Flavia Filippi, Claudia Meinecke, Paola Ielasi, Loredana Ilari, Anna Maria Melloni, Maria Minervini, Corrado Morozzo della Rocca, Miranda Morozzo della Rocca, Paolo Parra Saiani, Walter Rubboli and Vittoria Sessa.

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This volume sets out the results of a research initiative, funded by FCSP, on models and experiences of university colleges in Italy and other countries, carried out in 1998 by a working team whose members included Filippo de Vivo, Luca Einaudi, Manuela Magliocchetti and Carlo Ratti.