With the approval of the 2023 financial statements by the General Council in April, the mandate of the bodies of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo for the four-year period 2020-2023 will formally come to an end.

Publication date: 29 January 2024

Compagnia di San Paolo will reach this milestone conscious of having implemented a process of innovation in recent years, evolving towards a hybrid foundation model and establishing itself as a benchmark for Italian and international philanthropy, as well as an agent of sustainable local development which is always centred on people, paying constant attention to the younger generations and with an eye towards the future.  These significant results have been achieved thanks to the significant contribution made by high quality governance and a highly professional and competent structure, authoritatively led by the Secretary General.

From an economic and financial standpoint as well, Compagnia di San Paolo has established itself as an extremely solid philanthropic institution, with assets that approached historic highs at the end of 2023, and with an investment yield performance which last year was among the highest ever achieved by the Foundation. This is thanks to prudent and far-sighted management, inspired by the principle of safeguarding, enhancing and increasing assets for future generations. The recent and detailed review of the organisation’s bylaws has provided a fundamental opportunity for structural consolidation, as a further guarantee of the stability and continuity of the strategic approach for years to come.

“In light of the above, I believe that leaving the office of President shortly before the natural expiry of the mandate would not cause any institutional or operational difficulties. I am doing so as I now consider my role at the helm of the Foundation, a role in which I have made my wealth of experience and skills available, in a spirit of service, to be essentially and fully concluded. This decision also stems from the respect I have for this very important secular institution, which I believe should be preserved as much as possible, even more so today, from any dynamics linked to changes in governance. I shall therefore be resigning from the position of Chair of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo on 22 February 2024.” says Francesco Profumo.

“On this occasion – concludes ProfumoI would first of all like to renew my heartfelt thanks to all those who gave me the opportunity to carry out this role. I thank the General Secretary, all the members of the Management Committee, the General Council and the Board of Auditors of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo for their active and constant contribution over these years of intense activity. I also thank the institutions and all the people of the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo Group. Finally, thank you to the young men and women on the Young Advisory Board of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo”.


Francesca Corsico

Manager, Communication and Media Department – Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

Francesca.corsico@compagniadisanpaolo.it Cell. 3333869911