61% increase in visitors since 2016; and greater focus on enhancement projects since 2020.

Publication date: 3 February 2020

Activities, visitors and participation rising significantly. The last four years have seen continuous growth for Turin’s Royal Museums, particularly thanks to its fruitful collaboration with Compagnia di San Paolo and the Consultation on Enhancing the Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Turin, with a 61% in visitors since 2016, around 596,000 in 2019 alone.

2020 marks an important turning point for the Royal Museums, with the completion of the first phase of the project for the enhancement, improvement of accessibility and services promoted by the Ministry of Culture in 2014, which brought together in a single, fascinating and complex museum the Royal Palace and the Chapel of the Shroud, the Armoury, the Savoy Gallery, the Museum of Antiquities, the Royal Gardens, the Chiablese Rooms and the Royal Library. A transitional stage which can be said to be completed now, with an eye on new ambitious goals.

Today we are looking at the future of the Royal Museums – says Alberto Anfossi Secretary General of Fondazione Compagnia San Paoloin light of an investment by Compagnia di San Paolo which, in accordance with its 2016-2020 strategic plan, has acted an “enabling factor”, investing in a coordinated process of strategic actions that have allowed the entity to evolve and achieve greater economic and financial autonomy. The Culture Goal that we have chosen to pursue, inspired by the Goals of the 2030 agenda, will see us promoting culture alongside the institutions, drawing on creativity and art to make our local area more attractive and protect our cultural heritage so that future generations can benefit from it as well.

The collections held by the Royal Museums, ranging from Prehistory to the nineteenth century, are now the setting for a fabulous historical narrative, linked by the interest of the Savoy family in collecting artefacts, and by the imposing architecture of the ancient residence. The new chapter that begins today increasingly aspires to seize every opportunity to make this great heritage accessible to the public, through research, exhibitions, educational activities, events, communication. The next four years will therefore see an enhancement of the heritage around which the Royal Museums revolve, with a busy programme of activities. With this in mind, educational services will be given increasing space, so that the encounter with art, history and archaeology becomes a precious opportunity for every visitor to grow. The educational initiatives and programmes are intended to enhance the educational value of the museum experience, with a constant commitment to promoting inclusion and ensuring the widest possible accessibility.

The catalogue of the works on show at the Royal Museums will also be available online from 1 March, with more than 15,000 entries and over 20,000 colour and black and white images, continuously updated and uploaded.