We see care for the environment as a starting point for promoting an idea of prosperity and health based on a sustainable and equitable relationship between our socio-economic system and the natural capital (or ecosystems) that support it. We strive to tackle environmental and climate challenges, support green innovation, and disseminate a spirit of active environmental awareness among the public and institutions, built on responsibility, participation and an understanding of the facts.

Our work is divided into various areas of intervention.

The Protecting the environment mission contributes to achieving the following Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production
SDG 13 Fight against climate change
SDG 15 Life on land

Within the framework of the Protecting the environment mission, under the Planet Goal, we work to tackle the environmental crises of our time by seeking innovative, sustainable solutions. Our aim is to facilitate the development of new green and circular economy practices, which safeguard natural resources and promote new opportunities for development and welfare.

Raising public awareness

We strive to make people and institutions more aware of the environmental emergency. We promote cultural and behavioural change among individuals and communities, in the belief that only by enhancing knowledge and understanding can we encourage everyone to commitment themselves to sustainable development. Against this backdrop, we believe it is very important to invest in young people as drivers of change, so that they are the first to choose sustainable, responsible lifestyles.

Addressing environmental challenges

We live in daily contact with environmental challenges that affect our present and risk seriously compromising our future, such as loss of biodiversity, depletion of natural resources, climate change and air, soil and water pollution. We can combat these situations with targeted action, so as to make a collective contribution to reducing impacts and, where possible, reversing the trend.

Green & Circular Economy

We are committed to getting the most out of economic and social development opportunities linked to the environment, by promoting development models based on efficient, responsible, sustainable use of natural resources. This is why we aim to promote the development of new paradigms of production and consumption based on environmental sustainability and the fight against climate change.