It is incumbent upon us to address the overarching challenges facing the future of the planet and future generations, through effective action to solve problems with high social, environmental and economic impact. We facilitate the exchange and fusion of ideas between the most talented and highly skilled people, with a view to achieving excellence. We generate value in every area of intervention, by harnessing the value of research in an increasingly competitive arena, accelerating innovations that drive development, protecting the environment and facilitating a green transition, promoting a new idea of human health, – with the aid of efficient health systems and healthy life styles – and fostering opportunities for international exchange.

This is how we intend to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda.

The welfare of people and the Planet is at the heart of the debate on sustainable development and is a vital challenge that we need to overcome together by investing effort, skills and technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Planet is a key goal that will be achieved by translating it into five missions, which guide our everyday pursuit of the SDGs.

Our activity is divided into 5 missions and multiple areas of intervention.

Harnessing the
value of research

We help develop research aimed at furthering scientific knowledge, in line with European planning. We foster excellence in training and harness the value of the knowledge that it spawns, so that the best ideas have a positive economic, social and environmental impact.

Harnessing the value of research: areas of intervention


We promote innovation by disseminating knowledge, models and policies, including those of European origin, capable of generating necessary and positive changes. We support the growth of the social economy and the innovation ecosystem for the common good, towards a paradigm of inclusive economic development, whose component parts include the reduction of inequalities. We work to improve citizens’ and organisations’ access to the paradigms of digital transformation, as tools for creating decent job opportunities and addressing society’s complex challenges.

Boosting innovation: areas of intervention

international opportunities

We offer local players the opportunity to access an international dimension, to ensure full understanding of the European and global framework in which the organisations they work for operate. It therefore shortens the gap between local context and international dynamics and yields a broader outlook on tackling the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

Fostering international opportunities: areas of intervention


We encourage actions that help people adopt healthy lifestyles and that enable the health system to introduce new organisational models, thereby improving their resource efficiency and offering a high level of care, thanks in part to technological innovation and digital transformation. We promote healthcare practices that see prevention as a contributing factor to lifelong well-being and hence also to a more sustainable healthcare system.

Promoting well-being: areas of intervention

the environment

We see care for the environment as a starting point for promoting an idea of prosperity and health based on a sustainable and equitable relationship between our socio-economic system and the natural capital (or ecosystems) that support it. We strive to tackle environmental and climate challenges, support green innovation, and disseminate a spirit of active environmental awareness among the public and institutions, built on responsibility, participation and an understanding of the facts.

Protecting the environment: areas of intervention