We have been working for the common good since 1563, putting people in charge of their future. As a philanthropic foundation, it is the solidity of our assets, the stability of our donations and the competence of our structure that enable us to make a significant contribution to society.

The year 2020 marks a major milestone in our development, because it has prompted us to develop an additional strength: the ability to act as a facilitator within society, through constructive dialogue between the various parties that make up our social fabric. Experience has taught us that the welfare of individuals is inextricably linked with the welfare of their communities and is most effectively achieved when everybody contributes.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals help us achieve our aims by providing a rigorous, internationally shared methodological framework.

Our analysis of the over 4,000 projects that we have supported in the past 5 years shows that the Sustainable Development Goal most frequently involved is number 1: ending poverty in all its forms. From this starting point, we took up the challenge. Adopting the SDGs as a new lens through which to view our work, we set about transforming our organisation.

We reorganised our structure around 3 overarching goals, divided into 14 Operational Missions, which are naturally interconnected and cross-cutting.


Art, Heritage, Participation.
Let’s imagine the future.


Opportunity, Independence, Inclusion.
Let’s build the future.


Knowledge, Development,
Quality of Life.
Let’s support the future.

This simpler, more open and more impact-oriented model boosts our capacity to deliver, for the common good and the future of everyone.