FCSP fulfils and supports its mission with income from the management of its financial assets, which amounted to 7.2 billion euros at the market values ruling on 31 December 2019.

Asset management is aimed at generating revenue streams, diversifying risk, increasing the long-term value of the portfolio and having an impact on the social ecosystem and innovation. The Chief Financial Officer directs the process by which FCSP’s assets generate revenue for its institutional mission and generate revolving capital resources, as part of a virtuous cycle of support for knowledge generation and innovation.
The CFO carries out his or her duties with the aid of two departments.

Finance Department

The Finance Department oversees FCSP’s diversified, strategic investment portfolio, taking a long-term view aimed at increasing the real value of the assets.

Impact Innovation Department

The Impact Innovation Department supports the CFO in evaluating investments and innovation-oriented initiatives, as well as in managing and making productive use of FCSP’s data.