The call was created by the Foundation for the dual purpose of assisting local bodies and institutions with the implementation of more competitive research projects at European level and of supporting researchers who have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally.

With a view to helping to reduce the gap between Italy and other European countries that excel as Innovation Leaders in the field of scientific and technological research, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo has launched the secondTRAPEZIO – Paving the way to research excellence and talent attraction” call for proposals.

A unique initiative, promoted as part of the Harnessing the value of research and Promoting well-being missions of the Planet Goal to provide effective support to research institutions operating in Piedmont and Liguria – in order to strengthen their competitiveness, reputation and financial sustainability over time – and researchers engaged in excellent research projects.
In order to achieve this, as with the first call, this second one will again be divided into two distinct lines of intervention.

The first intended to “Support competitive research” to assist high quality international projects, enhance participation in competitive tenders and increase the ability to attract funding from public and private research bodies in Piedmont and Liguria. The measure provides for a contribution to be made to research projects which have been positively evaluated by an international funding entity, but have not been financed due to a lack of funds.

Line 2 is instead intended to support researchers awarded a Seal of Excellence (SoE) in response to a “Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – European Postdoctoral Fellowships” call within the Horizon Europe framework, or anyone whose projects submitted to the European call received an evaluation of 85% or more but was not funded due to budget limitations. Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo therefore intends to offer SoE holders the opportunity to develop their research project at a Host Institution in Piedmont or Liguria.

For this second call, FCSP will also offer researchers the chance to carry out a non-academic placement at start-ups and innovative companies, linking the skills of researchers and the needs expressed by local start-ups, with the aim of encouraging a transfer of knowledge and technology, promoting innovation and establishing efficient collaborations between academic and non-academic organisations.

This journey from “the laboratory to the market” was previously tackled during the first Trapezio call and will be the focus on 12th October this year of the event organised by FCSP and ToTeM Torino Tech Map entitled “Trapezio: balancing opportunities, research and entrepreneurship”.
The event will be held at the Collegio Carlo Alberto and will be moderated by Marco Berry. It will be an opportunity to highlight the paths undertaken by two researchers who won the first Trapezio call, and who are transforming their scientific research into high profile innovative companies. Find out more about the event on 12th October by clicking on this link.

To view the full document relating to the second Call go to this link.

The first deadline set for the second “TRAPEZIO – Paving the way to research excellence and talent attraction” call is 31 May 2024.