Winners announced in the competition launched by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie to renew the image of the Museo Egizio, Turin, integrating tradition with innovation.

Publication date: 27 January 2023

O.M.A. – Office for Metropolitan Architecture, Rotterdam (Netherlands) has been announced as the winner of the “Museo Egizio 2024” International Competition, an initiative launched to enlarge and renew the internal courtyard of the Palazzo del Collegio dei Nobili and consequently reorganise the spaces of the Museo Egizio, Turin.

The design was selected from among the proposals submitted by five groups of short-listed professionals admitted to the second stage of the competition. O.M.A. will therefore be in charge of building the roof over the internal courtyard and redeveloping the lower ground floor in preparation for the celebrations of the bicentenary of the Museo Egizio, which intends to mark the occasion by expanding its offering to the public in the field of research, accessibility and inclusion.

Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, which has always supported the Museum, has confirmed its involvement in the respective transformation process” said Francesco Profumo, Chair of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and one of the Committee members. “Our Foundation has identified the competition for the design of the roof of the internal courtyard and the redevelopment of the lower ground floor as most consistent with its role as a modern patron. In accordance with the strategic plan, which also includes alternative forms of support to the grant-making activity, the Foundation took charge of selecting a design to donate to the Museum. In this specific case, based on the cultural heritage procurement code, we ran the competition to select the group of winning designers in an extremely short time, using the Concorrimi platform of the Order of Architects of Milan and receiving 47 proposals from the world’s biggest architecture firms. Today we are donating to the Museo Egizio, the City and its citizens a high-quality design that is forward-looking in terms of inclusiveness, sustainability and accessibility.

The “Museo Egizio 2024” International Design Competition can count on a financial contribution of around €12.5 million for the construction project.