Philanthropy Research Conference – 22 and 23 Semptember 2022

The International Conference on Philanthropy Research, organized by the Compagnia di San Paolo in collaboration with ERNOP and Philea, was held at the Collegio Carlo Alberto on 21 and 22 September and attended by academics and professionals from across Europe.

You can find the academic papers presented during the Conference, together with the sessions streamed, at the links below.

  • Dott. Rien Van Gendt: Imagining the future of Philanthropy research in Europe
  • Elizabeth McKeon: How to think legitimacy
  • Dott. Volker Then: Listening to beneficiaries
  • Dott. Gianpaolo Barbetta: Philanthropy and impact evaluation
  • Dott. Renè Bekkers: The state of research on philanthropy in Europe

International Conference on Philanthropy Research