The Turin-based charitable organisation has launched a sustainability process intended to limit the CO2 equivalent emissions generated by the use of its website.

The website of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (FCSP) has achieved a 30% reduction in the amount of CO2 equivalent it generates from the electricity needed to operate it.

Even a website can in fact have an environmental impact: the greater the flow of data it transfers between servers and user devices, the greater the electricity needed to ensure people can view its contents and use its features. And whenever we talk about electricity, we must always consider the greenhouse gas emissions, which also vary depending on the energy generation sources, which can be fossil or renewable.

FCSP has therefore decided to overhaul its website, which has involved optimising its technology and content to make it a lighter tool, not only for the environment but also for the people who use it.

The introduction of new multimedia file compression formats and simpler browsing paths has made it possible to lighten the site and also make it faster to load and easier to browse.

In an anthropic era, the digitalisation of work processes remains one of the best ways to contribute to reducing the environmental impact of our activities on the Planet.

While they are valuable allies in the green transition, digital technologies are energy-intensive and their use generates CO2 equivalent emissions.

Every action we perform on our devices contributes to fuelling these emissions. A single post, for example, can generate an average of 0.2 grams of CO2 equivalent*.

We should not however point the finger at the digital sector because the global application of information and telecommunication technologies could lead to a real reduction in the carbon footprint associated with our activities.

As in any area of innovation, the path to take is one that combines research with the informed use of new tools, including Good Ranking, the sustainable development protocol created by the digital communication agency GAG SB.

In the knowledge that sustainability is a process, not a goal, FCSP will continue with its project to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to the use of its site.

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