The Social Report presented yesterday by the Faro Foundation highlights the successes achieved and outlines future objectives, continuing its multiannual commitment to providing specialist palliative care. A commitment made possible also thanks to the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

On 17th June, in the magnificent setting of Turin’s Palazzo della Luce, Fondazione FARO presented its Social Report for 2023.

The presentation evening, moderated by journalist Beppe Gandolfo was attended by the deputy mayor of the City of Turin, Michela Favaro, the director general and Chair of Fondazione FARO,Luigi Stella and Giuseppe Cravetto, as well as the Secretary General of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Alberto Anfossi, who declared:

Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo has always supported the activities of the FARO Foundation, with annual contributions and with further resources through the “Alfredo Cornaglia Opera Fund”. This collaborative relationship allows us to stay close to people in the advanced stages of illness and to provide them with the highest possible quality of life. We are pleased to attend the presentation of the social report, which also includes a materiality analysis to identify the strategic areas and priority aspects for stakeholders and an analysis of the social impact of the Foundation over the last 4 years. We believe it is vital to listen to the needs of the context, monitoring indicators and results and analysing data to constantly redesign the action taken”.

Throughout 2023, FARO continued to be a key pillar of palliative care, achieving significant milestones that demonstrate its ongoing commitment to providing high-quality care to patients and families.

Specifically, the Foundation assisted 1,005 patients at home, while a further 551 people were treated in its three hospices, guaranteeing a total of 41,205 days of care. These are significant figures that reflect the scope of the services offered by Fondazione FARO, which continues to be an essential point of reference for those in need of specialist palliative care.

The data for the psychological support service are also significant with 614 families supported through targeted initiatives including the Vulnerable Families Protection Project and the “FARO dopo” service, designed to support people through the grieving process. Crucial programs to offer emotional and psychological support to those facing moments of great difficulty, demonstrating the holistic approach taken by the Foundation in taking care not only of patients, but also of their families.

Tangible results made possible by the FARO Foundation’s workforce of 175 people, 64% of them employees and freelancers. The Foundation also benefits from the invaluable contribution of 221 volunteers, who did 17,510 hours of work in 2023.

This collective commitment allows FARO to offer high quality services and respond adequately to the needs of patients and their families.

All these achievements underline the FARO Foundation’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of life of patients and supporting their families, while consolidating its fundamental role in the palliative care sector. The dedication of staff and volunteers, combined with efficient resource management, will allow the Foundation to successfully face current and future challenges.

To view the press release, please visit this link.