Winner announced in the competition organised to give the people of Turin a new international cultural centre to enjoy in the city centre.

CZACino Zucchi Architetti srl has been announced as the winner of the international competition for the design, restoration and re-purposing of the Cavallerizza Reale complex in Turin. Launched by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo with the University of Turin and the City of Turin, in agreement with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, the Order of Architects of Turin and Milan and Fondazione per l’architettura/Torino, in June 2022, the competition is intended to bestow on the city of Turin a new international cultural centre to host new cultural, educational, hospitality, social and managerial functions.

This is an extremely satisfying moment for us” said Francesco Profumo, Chair of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and one of the members of the awarding committee. “After more than a year of intense work, seeking the skilled advice of some of the most important international design teams, we are beginning to turn the page for the large Cavallerizza Reale complex in Turin. From the outset, our main aim has been to present citizens with a cultural, social and educational hub that, within a framework of sustainability and experimentation, is able to look to the future.

Cino Zucchi’s design has demonstrated that in the historic and stately fabric of Turin there is room for contemporary interventions that support the transformation of individual and social behaviour. The design interprets current changes and has the features required to adapt to future ones, including emerging energy and environmental needs.

The awarding committee makes special mention of the proposal submitted by French firm Lacaton et Vassal Architectes, considered particularly noteworthy for the approach adopted, which combines architectural content with elements of ecological, social, educational transition and care for the natural environment.
The committee, which had the opportunity to discuss all the proposals received in detail, hopes that a synthesis of these two design proposals can be achieved, in particular on the use of public spaces, that combines the strengths of both.

To view the 6 finalist designs visit the Concorrimi portal at

The award ceremony press release is available at this link.