The Piedmontese capital celebrates the opening of a place designed to provide real and effective support to people who have lost a loved one and need to grieve.

On 16th May, Fondazione Faro inaugurated Casa Faro at Via Botero 16: a safe haven providing a welcoming response to people facing the suffering and difficulties linked to mourning and loss.

The centre provides a place to meet, work and spread the culture of palliative care.

The inauguration was attended by Giuseppe Cravetto, Chair of Fondazione FARO, Luigi Stella, General Manager of the organisation, and representatives of institutions from the city and the surrounding region.  The Secretary General of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Alberto Anfossi, commented on the Faro Foundation project as follows:

Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo has always supported the activities of the FARO Foundation, with annual contributions and with further resources through the “Alfredo Cornaglia Opera Fund”. This collaborative relationship allows us to stay close to people in the advanced stages of illness and to provide them with the highest possible quality of life through the use of specialist palliative care, at home and in the hospice. Today, Fondazione FARO gains an important new centre for the city of Turin: a welcoming place for meeting, working and spreading the culture of palliative care, for bereavement support and for families in fragile situations

The mission of Casa FARO is to create a cultural and informative environment, establishing paths that promote awareness of the crucial issues related to life crises. The centre will host training initiatives, cultural meetings, expressive workshops, listening and help desks, enriching the life of the city.

Casa FARO aims to expand support initiatives for bereavement and build a mental and social support network for families, fighting loneliness and isolation through listening and relationships.

The “Slowing down is taking care” initiative embodies this vision by planning of a series of meetings that will be held every Thursday in June to address various issues in open dialogue.

The events – which will start at 6.30 pm – will specifically address four different topics in the company of a guest expert on the topic and above all any citizens who want to discuss these issues together.

For further information, please read the press release available at this link.