Publication date: 7 May 2020

We have decided to update our website, totally renewing its graphics, browsing, organisation and content.

The purpose of this change is to communicate the Foundation’s new organisational structure and its three goals – Culture, People and Planet – designed to structure the commitment and activities in a way that is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations and formalised in the 2030 Agenda.

Here are some of the new developments on the website.

The section entitled “Our challenges” explains our approach to dealing with situations that require our support and to which we continue to feel strongly committed.

The “What we do” section presents all the initiatives through which we offer support, including calls for proposals and emergency actions taken during the current period and the ways in which we implement these actions.

We have highlighted the the Sustainable Development Goals which every Goal of the Foundation, every initiative and every call for proposals contributes to achieving, because we believe it is important to share this vision with organisations, associations, institutions and citizens, increasing everyone’s awareness and commitment.

Every user accessing the website can more easily find the browsing path most suited to their requirements and interests. Furthermore, they can browse the website on a computer, tablet or smartphone, with no problems viewing or accessing the available content.

Thanks to the greater accessibility and usability of the content, the new website will help up us pursue our communication objectives in a more targeted and effective way, broadening the dissemination and knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals, raising awareness of their importance among organisations, institutions and citizens, and facilitating the work of those who, like us, care about the future of the local area and its inhabitants.