“We have been working since 1563 to build the common good” is the message with which the Foundation sums up its daily commitment. The 2023-2030 Data Strategy recently approved by the Management Committee is consistent with the Foundation’s general message with the Vision: Data for the common good.

The Management Committee of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo has approved the document “Compagnia di San Paolo Data Strategy 2023-2030”.

This is the first time a philanthropic foundation has drawn up a Data Strategy that accounts for the past eight years of its involvement in technical projects, strategic initiatives and national and international collaborations, with the aim of gradually transforming Compagnia di San Paolo into a data-driven foundation.

The Executive Summary, accessible in open format, is divided into two key sections:

  • The first section, “Scanning the present“, offers an in-depth analysis of the Foundation’s current level of maturity, presenting quantitative data on achievements and a detailed examination of the main projects launched since 2017.
  • The second section, “Sketching the future“, outlines 19 technical, managerial, strategic and relational data-related challenges that the Foundation will undertake to address by 2030.

The various challenges highlighted include integrating generative Artificial Intelligence, optimising access to internal information resources, increasing data literacy among Foundation staff and promoting data ecosystems geared towards the common good.

The Executive Summary is free to download by visiting this link.