Increased commitment to the local area: 3% increase in disbursements in 2021, up to €155 million

Publication date: 26 October 2020

The investment planned by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo in the areas defined by its articles of association will grow by 3% in 2021. The Foundation has in fact allocated a budget of 135 million euros to 2021, in addition to the 20 million euros of extra resources to be allocated to projects that generate lasting efficiency and lower future requirements by the beneficiaries.

This is what emerges from the 2021 Planning Guidelines presented to the press today by Francesco Profumo, Chair of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, and Alberto Anfossi, Secretary General of the Foundation.

“In view of the exceptional situation faced by the country and the uncertainty of the current picture, we have decided to commit ourselves on the disbursement front, allocating a budget of 155 million euros for 2021, an increase (+3%) on the budget for 2020 (151 million euros), making up to 20 million euros available in addition to the annual budget for integrated activities to support the first year of the strategic plan”, announced Francesco Profumo.

The Foundation therefore stands by its commitment to the local area with investments that will not fail to achieve the structural sustainability of the beneficiary bodies which is one of the priority objectives of its new programming phase.

“Our goal – added the Foundation’s Secretary General Alberto Anfossi – is to maintain disbursements in the local area as stable as possible, as we are well aware of the importance of our role in developing and supporting the society to which we belong and in which we operate”.

Looking at the individual areas of intervention, Culture, People and Planet, the Planning Guidelines also highlight the specific commitment and direction of the work to be done by the individual Missions.

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