Compagnia di San Paolo’s Quality Policy encapsulates the values that underpin all of the Foundation’s work.


The Policy was drawn up in accordance with the following basic principles:

  • – Compagnia is committed to continuously and permanently raising awareness of its Policy, and implementing it successfully by applying a Quality Management System (QMS) to the Foundation’s processes and activities;
  • meeting the needs and expectations of beneficiaries and all stakeholders is a priority for Compagnia, which translates into continuous process improvement. In particular, our focus on sustainability and developing innovative solutions for managing our core activities is central to both our internal project design and to the award of grants to support projects carried out by third parties;
  • – all of Compagnia’s processes are constantly monitored to ensure continuous improvement of our QMS;
  • – implementing our QMS also involves external stakeholders, where applicable, and members of our catchment area in general.


Compagnia is committed to continuous improvement and to fostering a strong organisational culture, by adopting a set of internal procedures, which is effectively disseminated throughout the organisation and promptly updated to remain in step with our operating context.

As part of its work on implementing the above Policy, the Foundation has achieved certification of its Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. A copy of the Certificate, issued by the certification body IMQ, is reproduced below.