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Governing Bodies

The Compagnia's Governing Bodies are: the Chair, the  Governing Council, the Management Board, the Board of Auditors, the Secretary General.
The offices of members of the Consiglio Generale, the Management Committee, the Board of Auditors and the Secretary-General are incompatible among themselves.
The Chair is appointed by the Consiglio Generale, which may also appoint up to two Vice-Chairs.
The Chair and the Vice-chair are not part of the Consiglio Generale and should they be taken from this they should be replaced.
The Chair holds office for four years, the same term as the Consiglio Generale. His/her term expires with that of the Consiglio Generale. He/she may be re-appointed only once. The Chair is the Compagnia's legal representative. He/she chairs the meetings of the Consiglio Generale, sets the agenda and directs the works without taking part in the voting.
He/she chairs the meetings of the Management Committee, sets the agenda and directs the works.
He/she may take in the name of the Compagnia any measure that he/she deems opportune when there are urgent matters, reporting on them to the Management Committee.