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Cultural Activities

It appears from the examination of the activities financed in the 2005-2008 four-year period that the contributions paid to the participated cultural institutions (that is, those institutions that the Compagnia participates in with different functions)  represent over a quarter of the total expenses met in the sector. In a context of basically decreasing resources, this weighty inelasticity of expenses creates problems of no small account and can determine, if confirmed, a negative impact on the “free” resources that can be dedicated to the rest of the system. This involves the need to continue following research with attention, and to promote it on even higher efficiency levels by the participated institutions, favoring their collaboration and – wherever possible and appropriate – the integration between functions or structures.
In the field of non-participated institutions and their projects, subject to the principle that culture is an important factor of civil coexistence, as well as a motor for economic development, and considering the fact that the diminishing public funding causes the quantity – but not necessarily the quality level - of requests to foundations to rise, it will be necessary to operate by selecting initiatives that do not disperse resources and, in this case too, aim for efficiency through systems that integrate the cooperation and integration of actions and institutions.
An objective of no secondary importance is to avoid the risk that activities that have a cultural relevance may disappear, thwarting at the same time the resources so far invested. If the presently adopted tools – announcements of competition, network projects, individual payments – are confirmed as useful means for the selection of the activities to be sustained, it becomes however inevitable to adopt more strictly selective criteria, guided by an evaluation not only of the quality, feasibility, and efficiency of the interventions, but also – as already happens – of the administrative reliability and the efficiency of the requesting parties.


theatre, dance and circus to promote the summer programmes

03.07.2013 - Genova

theatre, dance and circus acts to promote the summer programmes

On Tuesday 9th July 2013 at 6.30pm, the Portico of Palazzo Ducale will host an hour of music, theatre, dance and circus acts to promote the summer programmes of the six cultural associations which, along with another ten in Liguria, were this year’s winners of the 2013 Arti Sceniche call for proposals

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