Article 6 - Submission of the applications for contributions and selection activity


1. The method for submitting the applications for intervention is defined by the Management Committee that can delegate such function to the Secretary-General so as to guarantee the transparency of the access conditions and the best progress of the selection process; it is communicated to the potential addressee.

The requests are normally sent to the Compagnia di San Paolo through the ROL system (Online Requests) for online submissions; no sending of hard copies of the applications or the accompanying materials is requested.

2. Enquiries regarding subjective and objective eligibility of the applications is carried out under the responsibility of the Secretary-General by the Compagnia’s offices that can avail themselves of the instrumental bodies or of specially appointed experts for the relative fields of competence.

3. Once the existence of the requirements for eligibility is ascertained, the offices proceed with evaluating the proposals, verifying their inner coherence, their consistency with respect to the Compagnia’s planning guidelines, and the general compatibility with the resources allocated during the year; subsequently, the offices compare the applications and, in case of calls for proposals, establish a ranking.

4. The entities that can receive contributions to support the institutional activity are selected on the basis of their significance in the sector and territory in which they operate and according to the following specific criteria. The Management Committee can subordinate such interventions to the respect of conditions, whose performance will be monitored by the Compagnia’s offices. Furthermore, the Management Committee has the power to establish further general criteria to govern the contributions supporting the institutional activity, in particular with reference to the definition of ceilings (in absolute terms and/or with respect to each sector), and to rules that establish the discontinuity and/or rotation of the receiving entities. These criteria are communicated to the Consiglio Generale.

The contributions supporting the institutional activities have the following traits:

a) the total amount of the contributions destined to the institutional support cannot exceed 20% of the resources allocated in the year of reference to each subject area.

b) the institutional support is the object of a specific application submitted on line, which must contain a description of the activities carried out, the entity’s economic and financial situation, and its plans for the subsequent year. Preferential criteria for the identification and permanence of the entities eligible for the institutional support: 1) the prevalent institutional activity must be carried out in a territory considered as having special significance and 2) the entity must have been established at least three years before. Upon proposal by the offices, the Management Committee can decide that, with reference to special sectors and/or for specific time periods, the presentation of applications relevant to the support to the institutional activity take exclusively place upon invitation by the Compagnia; such invitation, however, does not guarantee the acceptance of the application;

c) the Management Committee, in deliberating the allocation of the contribution intended to support the institutional activity, can indicate conditional criteria with respect to the use of the disbursed funds or, more in general, to the activity of the beneficiary, the observance of which is the dividing line with respect to the granting of any subsequent contributions of the same kind;

d) the offices report annually to the Management Committee concerning the advisability of wholly or partially renewing the contribution to the beneficiary