The Research Call


As part of the “Torino e le Alpi” programme, Compagnia di San Paolo is promoting the third edition of the “Torino e le Alpi” Festival from 15th to 17th July 2016. The event is taking place in Turin and mountain areas and will offer cultural initiatives to a large public, to demonstrate innovative and creative potential of the Alpine environment in its double role as inspirer and place of cultural production.

To make up the cultural offer in mountain areas, Compagnia di San Paolo promoted the second edition of the call for cultural projects in Alpine areas at the end of 2015. Its aim was to choose initiatives that could boost the cultural effects and goals the festival wishes to reach in Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria, as well as to show how the mountain can be fully contemporary, stimulate new creativity and become the object of artistic expressions.

There were 78 design projects competing for the call, 66 from Piedmont, 9 from Valle d’Aosta and 3 from Liguria. On 11th April, at the end of the selection process the Management Committee of Compagnia di San Paolo set out allocations for € 324,500 in favour of 13 projects. The list of projects chosen contains the name of the body (the leading one, in case of groups), the title of the project and the amount of the contributions granted by Compagnia.

Again this year, the Call has been an important occasion for receiving projects and initiatives of contemporary creativity from Alpine areas and recognizing parties and networks that can spread and broaden cultural needs, goals and effects of Torino e le Alpi conceived as a territorial network.