Natural and technological sciences


 The Compagnia has increased its presence in the sector of  scientific and technological research, privileging  those areas where the relationship between basic and applied research is closer, and where this relationship can be an advantage in supporting the local territory.

To this end, the Compagnia’s action is centred on setting up interdisciplinary and inter-institutional platforms that can contribute to the strategic development of universities and their internationalisation, creating the right conditions for cooperation between researchers and  for research and corporations to work together in order to attract competitive funds at a European level.

Regarding IT and communication technologies, the Compagnia acts via the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella, the instrumental body set up in partnership with the Politecnico of Turin.

In the area of research into territorial systems the Compagnia’s presence is assured through its instrumental body  SiTI, which handles logistics, the safety of the territory, the environment and its landscape.

The Compagnia supports the Energy Center di Torino project, while regarding Life Sciences it is partner of the new  Center for Biotechnology and Translational Medicine of Turin. The project’s overall goal is to create scientific/technological platforms and new laboratories that can bring together the best researchers  in the biomedical field, helping to reach a critical mass that can take full advantage of avant-garde technologies and propose medical applications of real impact on health and production.