Interventions in the Health sector come about thanks to project funding, especially for acquiring innovative equipment for research, diagnostics and treatment and, for a smaller but nonetheless consistent part, for the study of new management models in the Health sector.

The Compagnia’s interventions have served to promote avant-garde areas of medicine and surgery, paying a precious role in raising the level of innovation.

From 2013 to 2016 the Compagnia’s work programme on health and healthcare will be characterized by particular selectivity as well as by an ever closer correlation with translational research.

Intervention which could be supported will therefore have to focus  both territorially – large hospitals in the Torino area – and thematically – on management and organizational experiments connected to the introduction of technologies or the purchase of ground-breaking equipment

All interventions by the Compagnia will have to be coordinated together with  the Assessorato alla Tutela della Salute e Sanità (Department of Health Protection and Healthcare) of the Regione Piemonte from both a planning and funding point of view

Regarding the purchase of equipment for research, diagnostics and treatment it is essential to remember that one of the fundamental requisites for growth is a structural modernization of the hospital hubs. The choice of equipment and its collocation must be integrated with optimizing use and maintenance. Requests regarding technological innovation will therefore have to show appropriate use, degree of accessibility of the technologies and estimate of the needs compared to existing structures and staff available.

Regarding new management and organisational models, the Compagnia is going to encourage new projects with  decision-making and organizational solutions in the field of regional healthcare. Healthcare centres need to increase their ability to plan and monitor the progress and results of activities in terms of economy and service.  Adequate ICT technologies and management systems  are essential in order to improve the quality of service and intervene on costs.