Restoration work inaugurated at San Siro Church

Restoration work inaugurated at San Siro Church

7th  July at  8.30pm sees the official opening of the restoration work at Genoa’s San Siro Church.

Restoration of San Siro allows Compagnia di San Paolo to continue its commitment to restoring and enhancing Genoa’s religious heritage, part of an integrated system of intervention aimed at urban regeneration and based on the development of itineraries for cultural tourism.

Work began in 2003; approximately € 1 million was provided by the owners for complete restoration of the roof. In 2007 Compagnia di San Paolo joined in to support the first stage of internal restoration regarding the presbytery with € 500,000 as part of a total regeneration project amounting to over €5 million.

Last year saw work on the most damaged part of the building: the first two chapels of the left   aisle. The new interventions in the southern façadeand marble portal of the side gate are part of the ongoing commitment to restore this important monument.

The last phase of restoration works is inaugurated on 7th  July at  8pm, in the presence of Cardinal Archbishop Bertone. Roberto Timossi from the Management Committee participates on behalf of Compagnia di San Paolo.