Polo del '900 call: the projects chosen

Polo del '900 call: the projects chosen

15 projects have been chosen among those received for the call "Polo del ‘900 - 2017"

In July 2017 Compagnia launched a call to select projects favouring the model of cultural enhancement promoted by Polo del ‘900, helping to develop networks regarding citizenship and democracy, as well as the main methods in use. This includes the link between the last century and now and the growing cultural participation of the territory and its inhabitants. Furthermore, the aim of the call was to open channels between Polo, a reference centre because of its role in civil innovation,  and the world outside Juvarra’s Quartieri militari  (military headquarters).

54 projects were received during the call’s period of validity (July-September 2017).

When procedures ended on 18th  December 2017, the Management Committee of Compagnia di San Paolo decided on contributions for 15 projects.

Attached is the list of the leading bodies and initiatives judged worthy of contribution, in order of ranking.

The projects chosen will be subject to partial redefinition. Leading organisations will receive confirmation and explanation of how contributions will be granted support through the ROL system; they will also be contacted firsthand to organise meetings at the headquarters of Compagnia di San Paolo.

At the beginning of February there will be an appointment to present the projects.

Please note that the initiatives not mentioned in this list are to be considered unselected and therefore excluded from receiving contributions. No mention is consequently to be considered a negative outcome by Compagnia.

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