Nozze combinate

Nozze combinate

The new theatre project by Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo.

Nozze Combinate  (Arranged Marriages) is the new theatre project by Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, part of Palchi Reali, created by director Roberta Lena.

Set up with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, the show is an interactive performance focused on a symbolic marriage.

The format - innovative and unique of its kind - stages weddings between the heirs of an Italian house and those of a European family.

The shows mix art, music and literature and allow the public to visit the palaces of Racconigi, Stupinigi, Agliè and Venaria, crossing four centuries of history.

As in a time warp, not all spouses and witnesses come from the present: contemporary characters along with past ones who are part of the history of residences have been chosen because they represent positive values ​​in social and civil commitment, in science and in the arts; In addition, a specific theme has been matched to each one.

On 9th September  at 6pm the event is at Racconigi Castle where the artist Enzo Cucchi will marry Joséphine de Lorraine-Armagnac, Princess of Carignano, investigating the theme of Naturae - arte e poesia  (Naturae - art and poetry) with poet Patrizia Cavalli and singer-songwriter Chiara Civello

On 16th Saturday  in Venaria the only collective wedding of Nozze Combinate is being celebrated, on the subject Condivisione (Sharing): Piergiorgio Odifreddi is marrying Lauren McCrostie (actress and Fashion Revolution testimonial) who is marrying Chiara Lalli who is marrying the musical duo The Sweet Life Society. The witnesses are Ciro, a tyre dealer and Marina Spadafora, president of Fashion Revolution Italia

On 23rd Saturday  at the Ducal Castle of Aglié musician Toni Esposito marries Lysistrata, played for the occasion by Laura Curino, in the presence of witnesses Albert Einstein and Filippo Juvarra. For the theme Bellezza - legami di pace e disarmo interiore (Beauty - the bonds of peace and interior disarmament), the event is live with Peace Drums, the first edition of a widespread concert for peace.

The last event is at the Stupinigi hunting lodge on Saturday, 30th September, on the theme Illuminati - l’origine del mondo (Illuminati - the origin of the world): the Swedish cartoonist Liv Strömquist marries the young pianist Francesco Mazzonetto, in the presence of witnesses Angela Maria Pittetti, also known as Palanca, and the Russian virtuoso harpist of the Bolshoi Sasha Boldachev, performing with the electric harp.