Notturni al Sacro Monte

Notturni al Sacro Monte

An itinerant performance of art and culture, a though-provoking show at the Sacred Mount of Belmonte, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the symbols of Canavese.

For three evenings (1st -2nd -3rd  July 2017), Sacred Mount of Belmonte (TO) celebrates the anniversary of its being appointed a UNESCO World Heritage Site (3rd  July 2003), by becoming a theatre of a contemporary artistic interpretation of Sacred Mount, with the artistic direction of Claudio Montagna.

Actors, painters, acrobats, solo and choir singers, beatboxers, dancers, musicians, storytellers: 55 local artists and performers and other professionals provides an opportunity for  "full immersion" in the uniqueness of the narrative and artistic form of the Sacred Mounts. As hikers, everyone is invited to walk in the dark illuminated by representations, art, and tales inspired by the meaning of the Sacred Mount, a place of elevation and reflection, a devotional path, and a set of metaphors of human existence.

The project is supported by Compagnia di San Paolo through the  call  “Valorizzazione dei patrimoni culturali 2016”