DONODAY 2017: The 2nd Tour of Italy that donates

DonoDay 2017

L'IID - Istituto Italiano Donazioni invites all Italian Nonprofit organisations to take part in DonoDay 2017, signing up for the "2nd Tour of  Italy that Donates ".

On 4th October of each year Italy celebrates Donation Day, a national day set up by law in 2015 and promoted by the Italian Institute of Donation (IID) to raise awareness about giving and donating in all its forms.

Schools, municipalities, associations, businesses and citizens work together to build a map of Italy that donates, a country capable of responding to the difficulties by focusing on the beauty of giving. For this reason, IID is organising the "2nd Tour of Italy that Donates", a national show that brings together all the initiatives set up in Italy from 23rd  September to 8th  October, whose common denominator is "giving”.

For the first time, the section dedicated to # DonoDay2017 Non Profit is a showcase reserved for initiatives of Nonprofit Organisations (NPO) that choose to join. Each NPO has the opportunity to demonstrate what it does and how it puts the values ​​of Donation Day into practice.

All the initiatives gathered will feature on a single billboard that will depict a "gift map" of Italy, and will receive the Donation Day brand.

Participating is very simple: to put forward their initiative each organisation can fill out the form by 8th September, following the instructions from this link:

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