32nd edition on GiovedìScienza

32nd edition on GiovedìScienza

The first appointment is with Piero Angela on Sunday 12th November at Teatro Colosseo.

On Sunday 12th November at 5.30 pm at Teatro Colosseo in Turin (Via Madama Cristina 71), Piero Angela is the guest of the first conference of GiovedìScienza, thirteen meetings that until 8th March put science in the spotlight: genomes, globalisation and biodiversity, cosmic stories about the evolution of the universe, but also epigenetics and adrotherapy, in other words the biomedical revolution and new frontiers in cancer therapy, are just some of the topics faced by scientists of national and international renown.

A scientific divulger with RAI since the 1950s, Piero Angela traces his career with the audience in an interview with longstanding conductor of GiovedìScienza Piero Bianucci and various surprise guests. Preceding the conference will be the ceremony conferring honorary citizenship of the City of Turin, another recognition to add to the nine honorary degrees and countless awards.

The thirty-eighth edition of GiovedìScienza also sees the return of the GiovedìScienza Award; aimed at researchers under 35. The award was set up to encourage the commitment of the most prominent researchers in scientific communication. A call for researchers from all over Italy, with an eye on the opportunity to do business - with the Future section - and the "Elena Benaduce" special award for research dedicated to people and quality of life.

The novelty of this edition is the GiovedìScienza IT4.0 Award, aimed at actively supporting the culture of innovation and 4.0 industry and devoted to projects developed in this area of ​​research.

For information: premio@centroscienza.it

All conferences are broadcast live on www.giovediscienza.it