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Santuario del Valinotto

Valinotto, Carignano

The construction of a country chapel was ordered in 1738 by the banker Antonio Faccio and taken on by architect Bernardo Antonio Vittone. The building was constructed in 1738-39 on the site of an earlier chapel, or wayside shrine, as evidenced by the fresco from the sixteenth century with the iconography "Madonna del Latte" attributed to the Macrino inner circle. Vittone’s designs show how his attention is aimed at the impact of the interiors. The design principles, matured by the experience with Guarini and Juvarra, compose a harmonic architecture rigidly controlled in its geometric relationships and shapes so as to harness highly suggestive effects due to the contextual study of light. Between 1739 and 1740 the interior decoration was completed by the painter Pier Francesco Guala, with a Glory with Angels and Saints framed in trompe l'oeil geometric perspectives.

The Santuario del Valinotto is one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the Piedmont region. With a contribution of € 500,000 aimed at the first lot of restoration, the Compagnia di San Paolo intends to recover a property of absolute historical and artistic importance in the hope that the work will be the beginning of future enhancement activities, returning the artifact to its rightful place within the region’s cultural offering.

Institutional Area: Arte, attività e beni culturali


600.000 euro

Major Projects Torino Italia Mondo