Compagnia is committed to supporting research in its various articulations, keeping a close eye on achieving relevant dimensional scales. The goals are multiple and interrelated:

- The dynamic balance between the need to support projects and working groups between different disciplines  and not necessarily limited to a single university, and the option for support to research communities and Institutions established in the territory of reference;

- focus on certain major thematic and sectoral areas;

- optimising the relationship between basic and applied, translational and application-driven research;

- connecting  local programs with the European research agenda;

- coordination between Academic Institutions, Instrumental research Bodies of the Compagnia and extra-university research.

Other objectives are included, such as promoting new management models for research institutions and creating opportunities for young scholars, as well as raising the quality of didactics, especially in its higher segments.

European reference is an essential part of this system of goals: the alignment with  European standards makes it possible to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, open up prospects and obtain additional funding.