Healthcare interventions are carried out through funding projects designed to acquire innovative equipment for research, diagnosis and treatment and, for a smaller but still nonetheless consistent part, to the implementation of new management models in the healthcare sector.

Compagnia’s interventions have served to promote cutting-edge medicine and surgery sectors, playing a precious role in raising the level of innovation.

In the four-year period 2017-2020, the Compagnia will participate in carrying out the Turin Health Park by providing knowledge and skills support.

Contribution requests must have specific requirements  both territorially - the major hospitals in Turin and Piedmont - and thematically, favouring management and organisational experiments  by introducing innovative technologies or equipment. For this reason,  Compagnia acts in close coordination with the Department of Health Protection and Healthcare of the Piedmont Region both from planning and funding point of view.

Regarding the purchase of equipment for research, diagnostics and treatment, it is essential to remember that one of the fundamental requisites for growth is a structural modernisation of the hospital hubs. The choice of equipment and its collocation must be integrated with optimising use and maintenance. Requests regarding technological innovation will therefore have to show appropriate use, degree of accessibility of the technologies, estimate of the needs compared to existing structures and staff available and compatibility with the future set-up of the healthcare system (especially with reference to the Turin area and the creation of the new Health Park).

Regarding new management and organisational models, Compagnia will encourage proposals for new decision-making and organisational solutions in the field of Regional Health. Healthcare centres need to increase their ability to plan and monitor the performance and results of activities in terms of economy and service. Adequate ICT technologies and management systems are essential in order to improve the quality of service and intervene on costs.