Programma Polo ‘900 gets under way

On the occasion of 25th April and 1st May celebrations  the Compagnia di San Paolo has organised a series of activities as part of the Programma Polo del ‘900, which will take place at the Palazzo dei Quartieri Militari di San Celso in corso Valdocco 4/a

Appointed the top managers of the Ufficio Pio

The Management Committe of the Compagnia di San Paolo has appointed the top managers of the Ufficio Pio, the instrumental body which directly supports people and families in vulnerable circumstances or social and economic unease

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The Italian Courts: The House of Este
08.03 06.07
A unique opportunity to admire several masterpieces from the collections of the House of Este from Galleria Estense in Modena – still closed after the devastating earthquake of 2012 - and other prestigious Italian and European museums.The exhibiti...
Engaging Conflict 2014
07.07 18.07
Julysees the 2014 edition of Engaging Conflict: Prevention, Management andResolution, Summer School organised by T.wai -Turin World Affairs Institute andby the Department of Culture, Politics and Society of the University of Torinowith support fro...
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